Comprehensive Planning

You have goals as a business professional, family and community member, and individual. We need to flesh out your concerns and goals. That generally requires multiple non-judgmental, open, and frank conversations. Ultimately, planning is not an event. Life happens, goals change, concerns evolve, tax laws change, and solution flexibility is necessary beyond the initial plan. Planning, by definition, is an ongoing process. 

We will build a financial plan that evolves with your life. This manifests by analyzing the following areas:

Risk Management

A key component of any plan is to protect yourself and your loved ones from large financial losses. We’ll review your current insurance coverage for potential shortfalls, from property and casualty, to liability, to life insurance, to disability income insurance, and long-term care insurance.

Cash Flow Management

We’ll identify conditions that enable cash-flow surplus and liquidity. You receive income and expense analysis, as well as identification of your emergency funds. Spending and saving on purpose is frequently the engine that powers the implementation of our plan your goals attainment.

Wealth Accumulation

A critical step is aligning your objectives and risk considerations with your current investments via analysis; portfolio design, management (if desired), and monitoring for effect. Modeling is accomplished by leveraging trusted functional experts and historical evidence/theories.

Tax Planning/Management

We’ll work to identify ways to help reduce the impact of income taxes and investment taxes, both now and in the future. Application of strategies such as tax diversification to distribute your assets among tax-deferred, tax-free, and taxable investment vehicles are critical to long-term financial health. See The Tax Control Triangle for more information.

Retirement Planning

Everyone has their own vision for a successful retirement. Our mission is to bring clarity to yours and bring clarity of the path to success. Whether you are just starting to plan for retirement or have already retired, I will develop a plan that you can feel confident in. Use of advanced statistical modelling via Monte Carlo analysis documents the likelihood of success.

Legacy Planning

With legacy planning, we can help you define how you wish to be remembered by the people you care about. We create recommendations based on leveraging estate tax laws to ensure an effective and efficient plan and design. Partnering with your estate planning attorney to accomplish this work better enables your desired outcome. 

Neither Cambridge nor its affiliates offer legal or tax advice. Please see your legal or tax consultant for these services.

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